Accounts & Passwords

Change User Name or Change Email Address

Tulane Account User ID and email address are automatically created using the first letter of the first name and first seven letters (extra letters are excluded) of the last name.  If the resulting User ID/e-mail address is currently used or has been previously used variations are assigned by the system.

Email Address Changes

Requests to change Tulane Account User ID or email address will be honored for legal name changes only.

Faculty and staff members can specify a desired account name at the time of account creation and we will try to accommodate that request.

If the assigned user name or display name has a typographical or syntax error, that is an indication that your record in the payroll and/or student record system contains the same error.  We can correct the problem once fixed by either the Registrar or WFMO.

Display Name Changes

Names can be changed to reflect a commonly accepted nickname, and are accommodated at the discretion of the Information Security Office. For instance, a change from Nicholas to Nick can be accommodated by submitting a ticket to the Technology Support and Network Operations Center (TSNOC).

Should you have any questions or concerns please contact the Technology Support and Network Operations Center online at 504-862-8888.

GRIT Contact Info

Phone: 504-988-2685


Address: Tidewater Building
Suite 1800
1440 Canal Street
New Orleans, LA 70112

Campus Mail Box: 8313